LogMyData® Remote Monitoring Solutions

Alarms. Performance. Trends.
Extreme Flexibility.
Global Connectivity.

Improve Your Bottom Line
With LogMyData® on the Front Line

LogMyData® is ideal for remote monitoring of unattended standby power generators and other remote unattended equipment. Your dashboard is wherever you are!
What LogMyData® Means to Owners

Remotely monitor operation
Get automated notification of startups and shutdowns
Get automated notification of potential problems
Reduce down time
Reduce or eliminate trips to site to check on equipment
Track preventive maintenance more accurately
Automated dispatch of fuel delivery

What LogMyData® Means to Dealers

Faster response time
Faster issue resolution
Increased value to customer
Lower cost of maintaining service contracts
Preventive maintenance tracked automatically
Reduce trips to site, go when actually needed
Improve efficiency of revenue stream

There are typically two questions that remote monitoring seeks to ask: 
     (1) Is anything wrong?
     (2) Is something about to go wrong?

Event based remote monitoring will constantly look at data points that provide answers to those questions, and notify you via email or cell phone when you need to know.

The other application for remote monitoring is long term trending or performance monitoring. Nothing is really wrong one way or the other, but you want to see some history. Trend monitoring will periodically record data points and archive them in a database. You access that database at your convenience via a dedicated web site.

Control Solutions is willing to provide monitoring services for just a few devices or thousands of devices. We provision our servers in top data centers around the country. Our servers are well connected, well protected, and backed up indefinitely.

The LogMyData Web Portal provides a central site to monitor all of your remote sites. Access the central site from anywhere in the world.

LogMyData will send you emails, or text messages to your cell phone, when an event you want to know about has occurred. LogMyData can even call you with a voice message to tell you what has occurred.

LogMyData monitors any of these:
Sensors that generate 4-20mA or 0-10VDC signals
Switches, relays, dry contacts
Three phase power up to 480VAC and 6,000 amps using WattNode
Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP devices
LogMyData device can be Modbus master or slave
LonWorks devices
BACnet MS/TP or BACnet IP devices
Any RS-232 ASCII serial device at standard baud rates

LogMyData offers flexible notifications
SMS text messages
Standard email
Voice call notification
Alert escalation and acknowledgement configurable by user

LogMyData offers flexible data retrieval
Online data graphs
Export CSV files ready for spread sheet processing
Query from your server, get XML formatted data

LogMyData notification rules are flexible
Template based rule configuration
Notifications sent immediately upon alert
Notification generated by web portal if monitoring device stops reporting
Notification generated when preventive maintenance due

LogMyData includes service records
Preventive maintenance tracked automatically, based on run time
Arbitrary service records may be entered by users
Every alert notification may have user notes attached to response

LogMyData includes flexible controls pushing data back to remote devices
Change setpoints or send data to any register in the monitoring device
Do a remote start on a generator
Reset counters

Click image for a copy of the LogMyData Remote Monitoring for Equipment overview. Click image for a copy of the LogMyData Remote Monitoring for Generators overview.
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